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    Default finally booked honeymoon to CN!

    can't wait! the wife and i will be there january 17-24th! being from iowa, it will be nice to get out of the bitter cold and lounge on a beach! we booked a simple garden room and don't plan to spend much time in there.

    now, what are the MUST DO's when we are there? what are some of the things that are a waste of time? what do you wish you'd known before you went that you know now?

    if any of you are there at that time, feel free to come say hi. my wife is a pretty little redhead and i'm a 28 year old balding man and will probably be wearing some sort of iowa hawkeye gear

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    Try all the activities that the resort offers but don't try to do everything at once! Take time to relax. Talk to the staff.--ask questions about their families and their country. They are wonderful!!!

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    Another Iowa couple here going to CN Jan 9-23. This will be our 5th trip to CN after honeymooning there in 2006. I must say you have chosen the best place in the world to honeymoon!

    The Deluxe Garden rooms are fine, exactly the same room the as the Deluxe Ocean and Deluxe Beachfront except for location and view. They have a gorgeous view of lush Jamaican foliage and probably a partial view of the ocean from the balcony.

    About the only advice you need is take a lot of swimsuits and be sure to attend the orientation as soon as you get there to learn all the resort has to offer and where things are. It's held at 10am and 5pm each day, and leaves from the lobby. It only takes about a half an hour.

    Congratulations and have a great time!
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    My wife and I will be at CN Jan16-24. We live in western Maine where there will likely be sub zero temps and several feet of snow in January.

    Our first trip to Jamaica and our first real vacation without the kids in 15 years

    Hope to meet some of you at CN.

    We soon come

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    thanks everyone! we are getting more and more excited as the days tick by.

    we plan to eat at the grill mostly, but just in case, what kinds of clothes do we need for the restaurants? i want to come prepared. slacks and button up shirt? jeans? nice shoes or tennis shoes?

    anything you would suggest we bring to make our trip better? i mean anything!

    thanks again everyone!


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    March will be our 5th time to Jamaica. We did CN in February of this year and loved it. We are booked at CN for March 2013 again. Our favorite thing to do was walking down the beach to the office of nature for fresh caught lobster. I also paddle boarded every morning when the bay was calm. The boards aren't great but that will change as stand up paddling continues to grow.

    Don't wear jeans, they will be too hot. Be comfortable in khaki shorts or linen pants. Enjoy the ride to the resort with some red stripe. Do 1 Bob Marley shot when you arrive. Meet new people.

    I made a video on you tube that shows a little bit of everything we did. It is around 9 minutes - just search couples negril 2012 if the link doesn't work. Couples Negril Jamaica 2012 - YouTube


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