We are not new to Couples as we have made several trips to CSA and one each to CTI and CN. We are making our first trip to CSS, though, in December. We have visited for the day but have not stayed there yet and are looking forward to learning more about this beautiful resort and finding all the perks it offers. We had just a couple questions for those who may know:

1. What is the Lovebird Portrait Session on the activity schedule that occurs on the Main Lawn on Mondays according to the Activities schedule and also the Live Portrait Session that occurs there on Fridays.

2. We have never scheduled a photographer for a private session before and are considering doing it this time around. Should we tip them? I'm thinking they are not considered resort staff, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

3. Do they have sweet potato chips with all the different dips like they do at CSA and CTI?

Thanks for any info you can give!