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    Default Answers to save some newbies time

    As we get to the winter months, "the board" will start to get busier as it always does.
    This will be one of those add to threads. So for the newbies... It seems there is always some folks that have the same questions, so from us old timers here are some preemptive answers for Negril.
    1 yes you can drink the water there, it's great.
    2 No...No..No...tipping whatsoever.......NO
    3 you need to make all of your reservations as soon as you get Otahati Cat cruise...
    4 You don't need a 1/4 the clothes you think you do......leave room in the suitcase for Rum Creme
    5 At the lounge you can have soda or water or Red Stripe to drink, that's it.
    6 It's pronounced OH-TA-HEE -TE
    7 No you can't use your resort credits for the beach vendors.
    8 and apparently jean shorts are out

    Veterans, please expound.....

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    Aha thanks, question 3 answered the rest I knew................................ Another question, what are jean shorts and is this male or female and where are they out ? Sorry I'm a Brit residing off the coast of Africa so sort of out of the jean short loop PS Forgive me if I come on and ask a question without searching the board first in the near future, a bit

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    The nude beach is all nude, not clothing optional.
    Couples only means a couple, not one or the other.
    Yes they have many premium liquors and beers.
    No, they don't have every premium liquor or beer
    Yes, you may get away with wearing open toed shoes and a tank top to the nice resturants, but it would be nice if you respected the resorts recomendation.
    No, you do not get repeaters perks on your first visit.
    Yes, women can wear a thong bikini at any of the pools.
    Yes, immigration is busier on Saturday.
    CTI, CSS,CN and CSA are all the best places for your first visit.
    CTI, CSS,CN and CSA are all the best places for your wedding.
    Yes, the food is fantastic at the resort of your choice.
    No, everything you read on trip adviser is not true.
    Yes, it may rain some everyday you are on your trip.
    No, it probably will not rain all day, every day of your trip.
    Yes, buy the trip insurance, especially during hurricane season.
    Anytime of the year is a good time to go.

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    if a staff member stands out in your mind, by all means write it down as you leave. This is their tip.

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    I will second you on #4. I way overpacked the first time we went. I'm working on my packing list for this trip (we leave in 38 days!) and I think I can get it all in a carry-on size bag.

    Also, we packed way too much sunscreen the first time. I'm a redhead and burn easily, but between my husband and I we only used 1, maybe 1 1/2 cans of spray sunscreen for 7 days and I didn't burn once.

    Take more swimsuits than you think you need (unless you are indulging in the AN beaches). They don't dry quickly and there is nothing worse than having to put on a cold, wet swimsuit in the morning. I took 3 last time and other than the first day, I had to put on a damp suit every morning.

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    Bring a small first aid kit. Like imodium, aspirin, first aid cream, tampons, etc. They have them there but they are expenisve.

    CSA DOES have an ATM machine in the lobby upstairs!

    Bring ziplock bags and bendable straws it you want to relax but still enjoy your drink.

    Invest in a cheap underwater camera if you are going snorkeling, diving or on cat cruise. Our guy on the cat cruise took our camera and dove under and took some great shots of fish, sting rays, etc.

    RELAX and have a good time.

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    The tour of the resort is worth it your first time.
    Spa staff & drivers to the resort can be tipped, those in couples uniforms can't.
    CSS has wifi in the rooms, but the signal may be week depending on the room.

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    Search "jean shorts" and all will be clear.....
    It was a thread that got a little out of hand a year are so back, funny stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randandbets View Post
    CTI, CSS,CN and CSA are all the best places for your first visit.
    CTI, CSS,CN and CSA are all the best places for your wedding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filanza View Post
    Aha thanks, question 3 answered the rest I knew................................ Another question, what are jean shorts and is this male or female and where are they out ? Sorry I'm a Brit residing off the coast of Africa so sort of out of the jean short loop PS Forgive me if I come on and ask a question without searching the board first in the near future, a bit
    Jean shorts are shorts made out of denim. Sometimes they are even cut-off jeans. They can be either male or female. And personally the choice to wear them is yours, not anyone elses. It is a "fashion" thing to some. I am from the midwest, and they are worn around here all summer. They are a little heavier material, and I do agree may be a little warm for Jamaica.

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    Some drinks to try are the hummingbird, dirty banana, miami vice, and purple rain. Also depending on who you talk to you either have to try or completely stay away from the Bob Marley shot. (I fall into the 'completely stay away from' category, but if you have to try it be careful not to drink too many!!)

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    From the moment you set foot in the Couples lounge at MBJ everything is taken care of for you.
    There is Red Stripe (ugh!) and Pepsi products, gratis, at the lounge, as well as clean, private restrooms.
    The ride to any of the resorts is around 90 minutes and may or may not include a stop halfway.
    Upon check-in, your credit card will be charged $300. At no time on the resort will you use cash.
    Bring cash - small bills only - for the vendors.
    Negotiate price with the vendors. Understand and practice the art of handelling.
    No, it's not legal, but no one cares as long as you're not blatant about it.
    Don't even think about bringing it home, even if you live in Colorado.
    Pace yourself. If you get hammered on your first day and fried to a crisp, you'll miss at least a day and a half recuperating.
    Try ALL of the Jamaican food. Don't ask what it is until after you taste it.
    Bring Pepcid or Zantac or whatever pill you take when you eat something you shouldn't have because some lunatic said, "taste everything!"
    Try the jerk chicken and jerk pork WITHOUT the sauce first. Good barbecue don't need no sauce.
    Don't forget to floss.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    Jean shorts are IN:
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    (I do bring a couple of real pairs,too)

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    fawnridge - great post - LOL about the floss -always need the floss after all the seafood and jerk chicken!
    And, what happens in Jamaica really does have to stay in Jamaica... damn!
    9 weeks to go to CSA - can't wait to be back on that most beautiful beach in the world with rum punch in hand!

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    And those tree frogs at night are not an audio tape on continuous loop - they're for real....

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    This thread is awesome! Love the jean shorts picture, I wore jean shorts from the airport to CTI, but after arriving and gaining I swear 10 pounds from all the awesome food, I stuck with bathing suits and dresses also the tree frogs are a wonderful sound, along with the waves, the fried snapper sandwiches at the pool grill and room service are addicting! Along with the hummus and sweet potato chips and smoked marlin sandwich from the veggie bar. CTI also has an ATM in the game room. And I have been home a week and dream of being there everyday! Guess its time to plan the next trip

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    As a newbie to both Couples specifically and AIs in general, I am so thankful for this thread! Hubby and I are going to CTI for 5 nights the last week of January. I couldn't convince him to go for 7 nights...have a feeling that he'll regret that stubbornness once we're there!

    This is probably silly, but I think I'm most nervous about sunscreen, of all things! I'm hoping to avoid checking luggage, but with the stupid liquids restriction I worry that we won't be able to pack enough sunscreen. Can you buy it at the resort? We're coming from the Midwest and are both very prone to sunburns, so yeah, gotta have the sunscreen!

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    Fantastic thread, all. (Esp. "good BBQ don't need no sauce.")
    To add - look for the "wish I'd thought of that" thread. Some great tips there.
    If you do a lot of sports, as with swimsuits your sports clothes won't dry quickly. Bring several sets, and better to bring "technical" fabric items v/s heavy cotton. (A heavy cotton t-shirt takes DAYS to dry. Seriously.)
    If you play lots of sports, may want to bring two pairs of trainers/sneakers due to above drying issue. (And shoe deo spray...or maybe that is just me.)
    Aside from swim, sports, and dinner clothes, won't need much casual wear at all.
    Try a sport/activity that you've never done before. Including basket weaving. It's quite fun and social.

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    Kris, you just had to post the jorts photo. LOL. For those of you who didn't join in the Jorts competion at CTI in October, you missed some great fun.

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    Awesome posts! We leave in 4 days for our first trip to CN..super excited! Thanks for all the advice!

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    Awesome jean shorts pic, I get it..........Doh. Nother newbie silly question, getting currency, decided to go from pounds sterling to J dollars, is there a bureau de change at the airport at Mobay and are they open Sunday?

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    The old jean shorts sleeps with the fishes.

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    Yes there is an ATM at CSA... but in the eleven dats we were there, it was out of service for everyone of them

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    janda, you can get all the sun screen you need at the resort. Its a little pricey but it beats checking a bag...

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    hi, great thread and v helpful
    can I buy the lounge pass thing for when we leave at CSA or should I buy before we go and can I pay on credit card for it?

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