As we get to the winter months, "the board" will start to get busier as it always does.
This will be one of those add to threads. So for the newbies... It seems there is always some folks that have the same questions, so from us old timers here are some preemptive answers for Negril.
1 yes you can drink the water there, it's great.
2 No...No..No...tipping whatsoever.......NO
3 you need to make all of your reservations as soon as you get Otahati Cat cruise...
4 You don't need a 1/4 the clothes you think you do......leave room in the suitcase for Rum Creme
5 At the lounge you can have soda or water or Red Stripe to drink, that's it.
6 It's pronounced OH-TA-HEE -TE
7 No you can't use your resort credits for the beach vendors.
8 and apparently jean shorts are out

Veterans, please expound.....