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    Default First Time at CTI and couple resorts! Any advice?!

    Hey everyone!! We are going to CTI on November 18th, 2012 to the 23rd and we are so excited!! Is there any advice that anyone can give us that has stayed at CTI before? Like inclusions that we definitely have to do, or anything that we should know about the resort? This is our honeymoon and our first time out of the USA! We cant wait to make it to Jamaica! Thanks in advance!


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    shoot us an email and will give u all the good low down lol

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    Let's see, the first piece of advice, and you'll probably get this a couple times, is if you two have any thoughts about trying the Isle (the A/N area,) go early in the trip. That way, if you like it, you've got the rest of your trip to go back, and if you don't you've gotten it out of the way quick. Helps prevent either the "dang I wish we'd given it a try earlier in the trip, we go home tomorrow" issue, or the partner who wants to try it more doing the "can we go today, huh, maybe, please?"

    Other than that, a Couples Massage at the spa is a wonderful way to relax and a dinner on the beach (or on the Isle, at which it is NOT A/N) is incredibly romantic.

    Congrats and enjoy!

    CTI again in:
    196 days!

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    Hi Bryna
    We've been to CSA and CN and I can assure you that you will have a fantastic time at CTI. We are going in February and can't wait. I can't tell you what to expect because I've never been to CTI but in my experience you'll love the people, very genuine and friendly. The food, I've never had a bad meal in 4 weeks and the drinks. Have a Bob Marley they are wonderful.
    We will be going to Dunns River Falls (a freebie excursion I think) and probably have a wander around the town but generally we just like to relax and soak up some sunshine. We may even visit Au Naturel, everyone says how relaxed it is.
    Have a fantastic holiday and congratulations on your marriage. I hope you get to re-visit jJamaica. Kevin

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    We will see you there! Bring plenty of swimwear as it doesn't dry so quickly from one day to the next. The Dunn's River Falls is an experience - be sure to book your trip during a non-ship in port day so it isn't as crowded (you'll need to rent water shoes if you don't bring any and there is a lot of "shopping / pressure" at the end ... easy enough to say no thank you, just be prepared). While everything on the resort if no tipping, be prepared to tip the shuttle driver and any excursion drivers/guides.

    The resort is intimate in nature (on the small side - which we love) however, do take the "tour" of the resort so you are well acquainted with where everything is ... and it's a great opportunity to meet people. We met some of our very best friends at CTI 10 years ago while they were honeymooning on that very tour.

    See you there!

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    If you like specialty coffees, then go to the Logo shot on the beach level and over in the far corner is a coffee counter. I went there every afternoon for a pick me up. Make sure to go snorkeling too. Enjoy CTI. It's a great resort.

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