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    Default CN Au Naturel - March 2013

    Barb & I will be making our 6th trip "back home" to CN March 23-30. Interested in meeting others who will be there and spending time on the nude beach. Since we havent been able to be back in a few years was curious as to any changes, etc in the AN facilities as well!

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    My husband and I will be there in March from the 17th-27th. This will be our second trip and we are already so excited to be going.

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    Hello Toi, I hope you have a great trip back to CN. I know you missed a few days this year due to your health problems. I talked to Robert several days from my balcony as he was going for his morning coffee. That is how we found out about you being so ill from the kidney stones.

    We are going back to CN basically the same week as we have the past 2 years. The last week in May just seems to fit our schedule better.

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    Hi Toi and Robert, looks like we will overlap a few days. Please leave a Stipe at the beach bar for us. . .!

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    Hi MSBeachbum22!! Yes, I passed 3 kidney stones while there. I must say, the doctor who saw me was wonderful though. I give huge kuddos to Couuples for having him on call when needed. As it turns out, we got home on a Saturday and Sunday I went into the hospital for 6 days. I had a 4th stone that got lodged/stuck in my ureter, and had surgery on Tuesday. But all is well now!

    I'm sorry we won't be seeing you there. Robert's work schedule has changed and the only month we could go is in March. Have fun in May for us though.

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    Default March 2-9

    Wife and I just booked our return to Couples Negril from March 2-9. Were there the same week last year and was awesome.

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    We are booked for March 9-16. Second trip back to CN. Cant wait for the rum cream in the mornings, long walk down the beach, and then pretty much nothing else except the beach the rest of the day!!

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