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    hi all could you pls help in letting me know the cost for scuba beyond the free into and training session??


    p.s. and if you did go for extra did you feel happy about your decision??

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    FYI I read in the forum some where is that they charge $10 for a wetsuit rental so I am bringing my own.

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    From the Activities>Activities & Excursions>SCUBA page
    Couples Resorts Scuba Activities | Couples Resort Jamaica

    As a non-certified diver, you can sign-up to take the introductory"Resort Course", (about 75 minutes of video instruction and then another hour or so in the pool depending on the # of people and how quickly you pick everything up) which includes your supervised dive. If you want to dive again during your trip, it is $50 per person, per dive. The Resort course is not offered on the weekends and you will need to be at the Watersports hut by 8:45am to get started.

    Taking a 2nd dive after the Resort Course is a great way to find out if SCUBA is something you will want to do more and the price is not bad so it's a good opportunity to take advantage of. I am not certified although my husband is. Every other trip, I will take the Resort Course so we can dive together, but I found I prefer snorkeling to SCUBA. Last trip with my sister & brother-in-law, he opted to get certified at CSS since he fell in love with SCUBA and wanted to dive more than the 1st trip. It was a great investment for him.

    I will also say that the Dive Team at CSS are incredibly patient and fun. I have issues clearing my mask, and they helped me through so I was comfortable underwater. We spend a lot of time skiing, snorkeling, sailing and SCUBA when we get home to CSS, and it is always a phenomenal experience.

    Give it a try and you will know right away if it is where you want to spend your time & money.

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    Thank you !

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