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    Default Atrium vs Beachfront Verandah?

    We are planning a trip to CSA in May, 2013. We are having a difficult time choosing between the Atrium and Beachfront Verandah. Any suggestions?

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    We are preparing for our 7th visit to CSA in a couple of weeks! We always book an Atrium Suite....they are our favorite room category! Love having those hammocks on the verandahs! You will enjoy your trip no matter which you choose...can't go wrong at CSA!

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    We booked a Beachfront Verandah last August and were pretty disappointed in it. Luckily we were able to be moved to a Great House Jacuzzi Suite.

    The only rooms we would ever book at CSA would be a GHJS or a PREMIUM Beachfront Suite.

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    I have never stayed in the beachfront verandah, but I really loved staying in the atrium suite. We were not more than 30 seconds from the beach and loved having the hammock on the porch to relax in when not on the beach.

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    If you want to be right on the beach, get a beachfront verandah suite. If you want the hammock on your balcony, get an atrium.

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    They are both great choices. It depends on how close to the beach that you want to be. We've tried the bfvs and loved the first floor easy access to the beach. Here's our first floor view from 4122. Good luck deciding!

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    We have never stayed in a Beachfront Veranda Room but I can't imagine that it could possibly be better than an Atrium. We absolutely love the Atrium rooms. We only stayed at CSA one year..our first..... did the tour of all four resorts.... but if and when we return the Atrium will be the room of choice... love the hammock!! Jeff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scandi View Post
    We are planning a trip to CSA in May, 2013. We are having a difficult time choosing between the Atrium and Beachfront Verandah. Any suggestions?
    We've been to CSA 17 times since 1985 and always stayed in Atrium Suites, so I recommend you book a Beachfront Verandah. Have a great time.

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    Thanks to all your replies. May cant get here soon enough!!!

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    Do you want a TV? If so, go with any room with the word "Verandah" in it. If TV isn't important (and you want to save a little money), then the Atriums are awesome!!

    Have a great time!!

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    Atrium is the only option for us. Seemingly less traffic, the style of the room and the hammock are perfect for us. Remember though that the Atriums do not have a TV. If you're not willing to completely unplug from the world, that might be the tipping point for you.
    Either way, you'll enjoy your stay!

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    We loved the location of the BVS... Much preferred that end of the resort. Also, if it is I ports to you, the atriums do not have a TV while he BFVS do

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    We had an Atrium. Can't imagine booking a different category UNLESS I could pick the exact room. There are so many that are just "okay". I don't think you can lose with an atrium.


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    Atrium all the way

    Julie n Pete

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    We have stayed in both and while the hammocks rock, sleeping to the sound of the ocean is way better. Get the beachfront and open the windows and doors while you sleep! I vote for beachfront if you can swing it!

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    We love the BFVS........we've booked it twice and will be returning to our favorite room on Jan. 26, 2013. Can't wait !!!!

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