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    Default CTI- School donations- who to contact at the resort?


    We will be at CTI in January and will have a backpack of supplies for children. Does anyone know who I can contact at the resort or in Ocho to make sure it goes to a local school?

    Thank you,

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    Hi DebnAl,
    I'm bumping this up to get an answer for both of us. In 2010 I exchanged email with Diane Pollard from the Issa Trust Foundation, last year I emailed her again but didn't hear back. The first year I was asked to leave the supplies with Mr. Henry, the General Manager. Last year I was able to leave things with the front desk staff so that a woman named Alex Ghisays could arrange for them to get to the children at the Primary School.

    You may enjoy reading this thread about some other folks donating supplies:

    Thanks for helping!

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