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    Default Pregnant & headed to CSA this Dec... a few questions for moms/dads!

    Hi everyone!
    We just booked our "babymoon" and return trip to Couples Swept Away for this December. I will be about 21 weeks/5 months pregnant!!

    I am just trying to plan ahead on anything I may need to know or bring in advance, and since this is my first pregnancy, I was hoping other mothers or fathers might chime in to add to the list, if needed:
    - I do have international medical insurance for emergency situations
    - I will pack loads of high SPF sunblock given all my hormones/sun sensitivity, I don't want to burn or get the pregnancy mask. We will plan on sitting in the shade the whole time, however, on our long beach walks... I will inevitably get some sun.
    - I will bring my printed list of high mercury fish types- and eat/avoid as appropriate.
    - Avoid delicious rum drinks entirely. So sad.

    Anything else I should think of? I saw on the last page of the Spa list of services that no prenatal massages were offered (at any Couples location), however, could I not get a swedish massage and just have them avoid the one or two spots that can cause contractions? Hmm. I hope so.

    I think we will try heading over to CN for a day and try out their beach. Any lunch recommendations? I wish we could stay over there long enough to try a dinner place. Also, does anyone know if we can play golf while trading over to CN for the day? My partner would love that.

    Thanks for any tips or comments!

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    Congratulations on both your pregnancy and return trip to Couples. Looks like you have all the bases covered on what to do (or not to do). I'll do my best to help you avoid any rum drinks while you are there - just send them my way!!! I do recommend that you bring any possible medications/vitamins that you might need or think you might need.

    It looks like we'll be arriving on the same day - when and with which airline is your flight? We are on Delta.

    Come on over to the Dec 2012 meetup thread - I've added you to our list. See y'all in 39 days!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Just stay hydrated. I'm going at 32 weeks with no worries, so you should be feeling fine with your vacation! Enjoy and congrats!

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    Sounds like you have it covered. Make sure to drink a lot of water on travel day. Congrats and have fun!

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    On the golf question, golf for CN and CSA use the same golf course, Negril Hills so just do it from CSA!!

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    They will not do any massages if you are pregnant. I was about 10 weeks when I went in 2010 and no dice

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone... and especially regarding the super hydration on the plane, the golf (duh, I never realized that CSA offered it too, ha ha), AND the crummy news about the prenatal massages. I guess my partner will have to give them to me after we take the couples massage class. Well, if they even let me take the class?

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    Congrats! We went Sept 20-27 this year and I was 28 weeks pregnant. I brought my medical chart including ultrasounds and blood work just in case. On top of not being able to get a massage you will not be permitted to enter the mineral pool while in the spa. I did get a manicure which was fantastic and lasted my entire stay. And as mentioned water water water!! I always brought one from our mini fridge because the beach bars often run out of water bottles- they are soo teeny for a thirsty pregnant woman. They have a non-alcoholic drink called the " Oh Wow!" I absolutely loved this one in particular. Also when you head over to the sports side make sure to get a smoothie there as well, soo good and healthy!

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    Regular travel insurance will cover your cost on your trip, at "the closest appropriate facitilty", you can get medical evactuation insurance. This will cover bringing you home if you are sick and/or hospitalized. Much better than being treated in Jamaica! Look at On-Call, On Call International Travel Assistance Medical Evacuation Services . This assumes you are a US citizen. Have a wonderful time!
    Jeff & Abby - Boca Raton

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    And Just incase you didn't know, stay out of the hot tubs. Congrates

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    We went to CSS when I was pregnant with my second child, and my OB printed out my relevant medical history to take on the trip with me. As far as the food and drinks go, you will have tons of options available to you at CSA. Congratulations!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    Congrats! Remember that even in the shade if you are near water the sun will reflect and can burn you. Show off that baby bump and be proud!

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    We have run into expecting mom's on every trip to CSA we have made, so you are not the first and not the last.

    Be aware that the staff will treat you like a queen! They love seeing pregnant guests and will bend over backwards to see that you are comfortable and pampered. They will take especially good care of you.

    I would recommend taking a big wide brimmed hat to wear for those beach walks. Get one that you can roll up and stuff in your suitcase. Drink plenty of water, the water is excellent at CSA. Probably the hardest part of the trip will be flying. Try to get up and move around a bit when you can. Relax and enjoy!

    Have a great trip!

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    just got back and wanted to second what dirtleg said. we received the royal treatment above and beyond!!! the plane made my feet swell and drinking enough h2o was a challenge, but that was the only issue i had. no sun sensitivity, which is something i am normally prone to. have fun. take naps and eat lots of yummy papaya, which is good for digestion.

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    Thanks for asking this. We will be going to Couples Negril in one week and I will be 24 weeks. I as well am bummed about the news of no massages as I was looking forward to that But excited to try the delicious virgin drinks Im sure they can whip up! My dermatologist gave me the heads up to get the wide brimmed hat.

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