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    Default Which one to go to?

    Hey all, looking for some advice.
    Go back to Jamaica in Feb 2013 for my wife's 50th (4 nites)
    Been to CTI and am now deciding which one to go to, or go back to CTI.
    AN is not a concern, so that won't be a factor.

    Any input is appreciated.

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    I would suggest CN for the following reasons: you've already been to the Ochos Rio side, time to try the Negril side, you only have 4 nights, CSA is too spread out to truly enjoy all it has to offer, so that leaves CN. It's the perfect size (small, quaint, everything is centralized and convenient), best beach of all of the Couples resorts, great pool and swim up bar, offers the AN option if you so desire, great water sports that are truly very relaxing and enjoyable because CN is located in a Bay where the water is more calm)

    Can't go wrong with any Couples resort... but for the reasons I mentioned, CN would be my choice. Let us know what you chose.

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    CSA if you want to try Negril side of the Island.

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    With only 4 nights to stay we'd suggest either of the Negril resorts as they take less time to get to from MoBay. We'd have to agree with RandyP that CN seems to be the best choice with all it has going and less room to go to get there. This would equate to less wasted time getting around the resort and more time to relax. The good thing is that no matter which Couples resort you choose it'll be an awesome visit.

    Bart & Bug

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    I recommend, if possible, add a night. Then on the last night you can look at each other and say "I am so glad we added a night!
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