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    Default Which one to go to?

    Hopefully this is not a duplicate post (Can't find my 1st attempt)

    We are heading back to Jamaica in February.
    We stayed at CTI the 1st time and had a blast!
    We're not sure which one to got to? Repeat at CTI or try another? if another which one?

    We are not AN, so that is not a consideration.

    It will be a surprise 50th for my wife - CTI was a surprise vow renewal.

    What should i consider when looking at the others.

    A big consideration is the room - our first room at CTI was not good, so we moved (too noisy). I would like a room that is very quiet - if not off by itself. Also a nice ocean view would also be great.

    We are not that into the late night life - typically in bed by 11. (kids will do that) - hence the need for quite at what some people consider an early hour.


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    We had a Beach Front Suite at Couples Negril last August and simply LOVED it! We also had a one bedroom Suite at CTI which was supberb. When we were at CSA we had a beachfront Verandah Suite was was just plan, old and bad. Luckily we were able to move to a Great House Jacuzzi Suite which was BEAUTIFUL.

    Our favorite resort has to be Couples Negril. It is quite, peaceful, romantic, the beach is beautiful, intimate and not a lot of vendor activity.

    CSA is also very beautiful as well but you do have a lot more activity going on around the resort and the beach.

    The amenities at all of the Couples are fantastic. We have not been to CSS simply due to the steps all over the resort. Though I have heard it is one of the most beautiful of the four.

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    CSS is beautiful and it has a lot of stairs to climb. I haven't been to the others. I have friend who've been to CN and CTI - they prefer CTI as it is what they consider to be "home".

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    My vote is for Swept Away- an Atrium suite is amazing and so private- you feel like you are in your own jungle. But I don't think they have beach views... but speaking of beaches, you just can't imagine how lovely the CSA beach is, truly, breathtaking. And you can walk it for miles!

    But honestly, which ever resort you go to, you'll love it and so will your wife. She'll be a lucky women when she gets that surprise for her 50th! Well done on the gift giving!

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    Sounds like CSS would suit your needs very well. The suites on the cliffs are very nice and quiet with an outstanding ocean view. I recommend 'G' Block. It's my favorite of the 4.

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