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    Default MBJ - What are the busy days of the Week?

    Looking for advice from the seasoned Couples travellers...

    Just wondering what the busy days of the week are at MBJ? Are the midweek days usually less busy?

    Midweek flights are usually a bit cheaper and if it means that leaving on a Tuesday would get us through customs that much faster in order to get to our resort then it's a win win!

    One thing we did learn last year when we flew into MBJ is that each person has to fill out a Customs/immigration card. Our flight attendants (Air Canada) gave out one per couple and the whole plane had to stop an fill out additional cards as we approached the desks. Not a huge deal but we will ask for a second one this year so we are prepared when we step off the plane.

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    Saturday is usually the worst. Tuesday to Thursday seem to be the best.

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    Weekends for sure. We have gone on Mon and Tues also and much quieter at least when we went through. We usually travel Feb/Mar.
    We are going next Mar on a Fri which I'm thinking could be a little busy. And yes our first time also with AC we had the same problem. It is so much easier having the forms filled out properly. By the way our flights always seem to get in around 2.00pm.

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    I've read that Saturdays are pretty busy, we are flying on a sat. So I'm a little worried. In our other trips, we've always flown Tues or Wed and we've had mixed results. It just depends how many other flights land around the same time. Good luck!

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    we always try to go on Tuesday, usually on USAir, arrival around 11:30. A month ago it took longer to walk from the jet to customs than it did to get through immigration. They had many lines open and everything was moving good, so good in fact that we had to wait about 15 minutes for our bags to come out. Then customs was a short line after baggage then onto the Couples Lounge and a beer and restroom stop and we were moving again.

    I believe it was a little over 2.5 hours from deplaning until we arrived in Ocho

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    If delays at MBJ are your concern, avoid holidays. It never occurred to me until I got trapped in incredible lines one year at Easter, on a Friday, but I doubt day of week was really the problem.

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