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    Default It is nothing personal!!!!!!!

    I have been wandering around our new message board discovering. I discovered my profile page. And I want to thank 1love, amyanderic, Papa_Smoke, and Shari and James for "wanting to be my friend" on the profile page. Thank you. But I probably won't put up that page. It's not because I can't maneuver around it. More over because the less time I can spend on the computer, the more time I can be doing something else. Anything else. Or be with other humans. or out on my Harley.
    For me, with an addictive nature, I would be swept up into reading and and responding and well, let's just say it could get ugly.

    I welcome any and all to be my friend. Write. here on the board or to my e-mail: ritchnsyl@comcast.nrt

    For Couples and for this forum I make time. But beyond that and a few other sites, I really would rather stay away from the computer. Does that make any sense??

    respect mon


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    Quote Originally Posted by crabracers View Post
    here on the board or to my e-mail: ritchnsyl@comcast.nrt

    Sorry but I think you might have entered your e-mail address wrong. I'm guessing it should be and not ritchnsyl@comcast.nrt. Simple typo. I know you have been having troubles with your email lately and I know you don't need anymore.
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    Thanks for pointing that out,

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    Hi Richie!
    Out on your Harley? How are you doing that? In between the rain drops?? LOL. Tom and I are doing a benefit ride on Sunday from here to Boston and then to Worcester. It better not rain. We went to Laconia and rode home in the rain. Thank god for rain gear! We should get together for a ride...if it ever stops raining...

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    just wondered what kind of harley you have?

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    I have a 2004 Sportster 883. I bought it new. I only have about 16,000 on it.


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