I have been wandering around our new message board discovering. I discovered my profile page. And I want to thank 1love, amyanderic, Papa_Smoke, and Shari and James for "wanting to be my friend" on the profile page. Thank you. But I probably won't put up that page. It's not because I can't maneuver around it. More over because the less time I can spend on the computer, the more time I can be doing something else. Anything else. Or be with other humans. or out on my Harley.
For me, with an addictive nature, I would be swept up into reading and and responding and well, let's just say it could get ugly.

I welcome any and all to be my friend. Write. here on the board or to my e-mail: ritchnsyl@comcast.nrt

For Couples and for this forum I make time. But beyond that and a few other sites, I really would rather stay away from the computer. Does that make any sense??

respect mon