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    Default No rooms April 20 to 27

    Booked second time to CSA April 20 to 27 was curious to see what rooms were left and I was amazed there were none left,who's going then and has anybody been to CSA when it was booked full? Is there any problems getting reservations at the restaurants ? Thanks and see you all back home.

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    It must be. We are going to CSS this time the 20th through the 27th from PA. Flights were hard to find cause of how booked they were and I did look at CSA but that would have been our third time so we wanted to try the other side of island. Last time we went it was booked and we didnt have any trouble getting a dinner reservation or get to the beach. EVen at full, its still feels like its not full.

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    We have and you never would of know. As long as your flexable with times dinner reservation shouldn't be an issue.

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    Default We'll be there

    We are going then--same dates. This will be our seventh trip. We've been once before at full occupancy. It was actually nice--things ran even smoother than the times we have been at very low I occupancy. Just be flexible with your reservations and make them early in your trip. We ate twice at Feathers and once at Lemongrass
    during the full occupancy. Once pretty late for us and once we couldn't get a table for four together. Watersports and cat cruise weren't a problem. Beach space not a problem--again flexibility is key. It may not be the same spot every day like when it is not full but there were spots. See you there!! We can't wait.

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    This is when we usually go to Swept Away. No problem mon. Reserve you seats for the Repeaters Dinner when you arrive and the reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass will be two days out. You can work around the Friday Beach party if you like by going to Feathers that night.
    it's all about the kids

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    Thank you Sue and Randy,signed up for team April,Thank you footballfans,what team? Thank you redinthehead, Thank you janeinpenn,have fun at CSS.

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    I'm not sure where you are seeing full bookings for these dates at CSA. The Couples website shows availability for all dates in April at this time (except CN in mid-April). I would think it will eventually book full for all of April, but not for some time.

    This freaked me out because I needed to adjust my April dates at CSS and hadn't done so yet.

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    Florida Gators and Jacksonville Jaguars. Sometimes it's not easy being a fan...but we always have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by footballfans View Post
    Florida Gators and Jacksonville Jaguars. Sometimes it's not easy being a fan...but we always have fun!
    We are big ny giants fans but I won't rub it in

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    We have been there in early to mid April the last 3 years and going back next year as well. Even when they are full it does not seem that crowded. It is such a large resort with many dining options. I would suggest to call Couples directly if you are in need of another room for someone. They can sometimes accomodate you that way if at all possible. The whole staff is top notch and will do whatever they can to make you happy.

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    We are going there this April is our 1st time there....We will actually be getting married there..

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    Mwaters when in April will u be there ,ill buy ya a drink for your wedding if there at the same

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