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    Randymon or someone knows the answers to these questions. Why not clarify some of this for us please ?

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    We were at CN Oct 10-16 and we had to call to get it restocked. I can't exactly remember the times you call, but it is a large chunk of hours that you have to call, tell them what you want, and they should have it to you in the next 15 minutes. We did have one night when we had to call twice and they finally brought it to us an hour later, but like I said, that was only one night, maybe they were off their game or understaffed, you never know... it happens. But we would just call as soon as we got back to our room to start getting ready for the evening. It really wasn't a hassle for us.

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    It went until 8:00 if I remember correctly.

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    No worries, We just returned home from CN .. The new system with the in-room mini bar worked just fine for us. We called between 5-7 pm when we ret'd from the beach and were taking our showers before dinner, etc.... never waited more than 15 mins and the average wait was much less. In fact one night we thought someone was joking w/us because there was a knock on the door in less than 3 minutes after calling - and there was a smiling young man with our champagne and a couple of club sodas.. Excellent Service with a Smile as always. We were in Block 9 and everything was WONDERFUL !!!
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    They are trying to prevent problems by having the fewest amount of unsupervised people in the rooms as possible I'm guessing. It sounds like you don't have to wait very long so it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

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    Are they still stocking large bottles of liquor? Also, I am a bit confused about other drinks. Are they auto stocking the soda and juices?

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    Just got back from CN. One night just before going to dinner, I remembered that I needed to call in my order. I asked if I needed to be in the room and of course was told yes, so I said not to worry about it since we were headed to dinner and that I would call back later. He told me to please stay there and he would be right over. About 5 minutes later he knocked on our door. When I opened the door, he was a little winded and it was obvious that he had literally run to our room. How can you ask for more than that.
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