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    Default October - weather?

    What is the weather like at CSS during October? How busy is SSB in October?

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    What is the weather like at CSS during October? How busy is SSB in October?
    The weather is hit and miss due to hurricane season and they usually call for rain everyday just in case. We were there a month ago and only had 1 rain day. It did rain many nights and the odd shower during the day but they don't last long.
    SSB is never over busy, lots of loungers and shade, and some if the coolest people you will ever meet.

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    Our first two trips to CTI were in October - our honeymoon it never rained, except at the beach party after Duns River. The second trip it rained, poured, for one entire day, and was sunny otherwise with a quick shower/downpour now and then. There was a fair amount of wind though. This last trip was abbreviated and at the end of September this year. Again, it was sunny most of the day, but instead of afternoon showers, it was morning or overnite showers. We had one day that was overcast. There was no wind at all. So typical tropical weather - 80's in the day. 70's at nite.

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    Default October weather

    we've gone to CN late October the last 5 years.
    4 of them we had great weather....this year Hurricane Sandy paid us a visit.
    But even with a hurricane (which the resort handled VERY well) we only lost a day of our vacation and we got ocean waves which we never usually get at CN.
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