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    Default CSA Honeymoon October 2010

    We are thinking of staying in the Great house jacuzzi suite. Can anyone tell me if the views in this room are good of the ocean? Also I was wondering if this room has a seperate living area or just a bedroom and a bathroom.

    I also was checking out some pictures and noticed that it looked like there were small shacks or buildings on the beach. Is that what i seen? Do they have vendors selling stuff on the beach?

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    The rooms have great views. I don't believe there is a separate living area, but those rooms are bigger than the standard Great House Suite.

    Those are palapas on the beach. Thatched roofed umbrella looking things that people use for shade. And yes, there will be vendors on the beach selling anything from cigs to parasailing. Also, strolling entertainment.

    We'll be at CSA next year in October. When are you going? We love it there. CSA ROCKS!!!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and trip to CSA! You'll absolutely love the resort, it's heaven on earth. Be careful, you'll become addicted ;-)
    On our first trip last year my husband and I stayed in a Great House Verandah suite. We had a lovely view of the ocean and beach. I think it depends where your room is, but ours was perfect. Ours wasn't a jacuzzi suite, but I don't believe any of the Great House rooms have a separate living room. Perhaps someone more experienced than me can answer that piece.
    As for the shacks on the beach, they have covered 'huts' for those who want to be in the shade, at least for parts of the day. You can typically fit 2 beach chairs and a little table under them.
    They do have vendors that sell things on the beach, but we never found them to be intrusive or pushy, and normally I would just say hi and no thanks. They were not annoying in any way. There is also security on the beach, and they do a great job of making sure none of the vendors are bothering the guests.

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    we will be at CSA october 11-15. I am so excited!

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    woops i responded to the wrong response. We will be at CSA 10-11-10 to 10-15-10

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