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    Default Two odd questions....for CTI alumni

    Hiya...only 31 days until we are off to CTI for first time. I have two queries ...I've done a search on the forum but didn't really find the answer...any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. is their kleenex in the rooms at CTI (or should I bring my own?)

    2. are rain umbrellas provided in the CTI rooms for those quick showers we may face? (I've seen varying answers to this question...and not really specific to CTI).

    Many thanks!!

    Trying to contain our excitement about what I'm sure is going to be an AMAZING trip!!!

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    Yes to both.

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    In 6 trips, we have never seen an umbrella in our room. However, there is tissue. You may still want to take your home as it is standard issue, hotel tissue. We do pack a small collapsible umbrella. With CIT buildings being almost completely connected, even if it rains, you may not need an umbrella. The exception would be if you are in building 1 or you are going to dinner at Bayside. Enjoy your trip. We have 220 days until trip #7.

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    And...Vickyj....hopefully in about 5 yrs we will be able to say we are at trip #7!!! That would be so awesome! Only 24 more sleeps; can't believe it!

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