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    Can someone help me out regarding dress code at the different restaurants at Tower Isle.
    Is Eight Rivers the only restaurant that require men to wear long pants. I realize it probably
    tells me somewhere however I just booked a trip this a.m. for 13-20Nov2012 being my first trip
    to Tower isle even though have been to C.N. and swept away. Very last minute for me booking this trip.
    thanks in advance

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    Yes , you are correct - 8 Rivers is the only restaurant which requests that men wear long pants and closed toe shoes. It's definitely worth taking the correct form of dress, as 8 Rivers is fabulous and you really shouldn't miss out. You will have a great time, can't wait until we return for Christmas and New Year.

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    Long pants AND proper shoes. The rest are Resort Casual.

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    8 Rivers is also where the Repeaters' Dinner is held on Monday night. We love eating there. Hubby wears a nice pant and either a golf shirt/polo or tropical print shirt and of course closed toe shoes. His are similar to topsiders.

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