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    Default Finally booked our first trip - CSS Sept 2013!

    Hi everyone,
    I've lurked and read for what seems like forever on here. We took advantage of the 2013 Early Escapes and reserved for our anniversary in Sept 2013. One week away together, for the honeymoon that we would have liked 15 years ago. But I think it's better having waited. We are so looking forward to it, hopefully the grandparents will survive the kids while we're away .
    Now I'm off to search the forums and put a list of what to bring and what not to...

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    We are going to CSS 9/19/13 - 9/23/13 for our 40th anniversary. Perhaps we'll run in to each other?

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    The first time my husband and I went to CN so many years ago, we too worried about how the grandparents would survive taking care of the kids. We decided, they are with the best babysitters in the world and, we desparately needed a vacation!!! So, no worries Mon.
    One Love,

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