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    Do they allow you to use snorkeling fins whenever you want them. Is there a time limit. We would like to be able to bering only mask and snorkel if possible. We will be at CSS next week. Thanks

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    No, you can only borrow snorkel gear when you go on a scheduled tour. Not much to see off the beach anyway.

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    I dunno, I had a LOT of fun snorkling off CTI. Unlike some guests, I managed to not disturb the sea creatures and got some GoPro vids and pics.

    One of my only "complaints" about CTI is that I can't use the fins while no excursion is taking place, but it is what it is.

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    We always pack our own snorkeling gear, too, including fins. You have to be on the snorkel boat to use their snorkel gear.

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    i snorkeled off the beach at css w/just my mask, snorkel, and water shoes because i didn't want to pack my fins. it worked out fine, and there was lots to see outside of the swim area at css. either side of the bay was pretty good and i will definitely do it again the next time we are there.

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    We bring our own snorkeling gear. I love grabbing it out of the beach bag and going out to the roped off area. I see some star fish and a few fish. It is fun. Although I dont get up early enough, another couple talked bout seeing rays just off the beach at CN early in the morning. Maybe in Feb. I will get up early and check it out.
    One Love,

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    Sorry, I was speaking of nothing to see off the beach at CSA.....

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