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    Default TimAir flight

    What is the cost for taxi ride from airport, where TimAir arrives
    to CSA?

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    We paid US$10 which was probably too much. After the long day of travel and the desire to get to the resort as quickly as possible I was in no mood to negotiate a better deal.
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    We also paid $10 for the cab ride from the Negril Airstrip to CSA. You could probably get it for a few dollars less if you are in the mood to negotiate. We were not.

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    We paid $10 as well to go to CN....and it was about a 6 minute ride. Oh well.....well worth taking TimAir to get the resort so much quicker. We are using TimAir again next week for our 5th trip back to CN......

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    TimAir @ the Negril Aerodrome will call CSA and they will send a taxi or bus... Free! It may take a few more minutes, but you've got that option. Taxi ride should only be about $5 or a little less so negotiate if that's the option you choose.
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