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    Default bartenders on the island.

    we have been coming to cor cti for 28 or 29 times i was just wondering how many bartenders do you remember. vincent was the first one to introduce us to a/n it was great. ozzie was next, what a player he was. miguell was next. after those i do not remember to many others. please help me on this. thanks.

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    Damien, Rohan,Terry.

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    We first went to CTI in 1995. I think a guy named Ozzie was on the island then. The next person I remember is Shaun, but I'm not sure if he followed Ozzie or if there was someone in between. Now there are a number of people who work the island bar.
    I'll have to check and see who's working this coming Thursday. Why? Because we'll be there.

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    First time we went in 2005, Shaun was the bartender. He was definitely one of the best.

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    i would have to say ozzie was the best followed by damon . ozzie was a PLAYER if you know what i mean, just a very nice kid.

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    The whole feel of the resort back in the early 90's was a little different. The decor,the management, the staff, all were in a different place.
    You are right about Ozzie. He was a player, but a good kid and we had lots of good times. It's been one of the most rewarding experiences in our 45 years together. Simply amazing.
    Well, Damion and Kimone Rohan adn Terry are a pretty great crew. Each person makes a different day on the rock. I admire these young energetic men and women for all thehard work that they devote to making sure the guests have a good time. Indeed we do.

    Thanks guys

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    What about Scoobie? He was loved by all.

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