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    Default Piano Bar at CSA

    We just returned from CSA and want to give a shout out to the person who runs the piano bar - Ultimate Chocolate. Not only is he a fabulous musician, but he goes out of his way to get everyone involved. I have been to several piano bars, that should more properly be labeled as a piano lounge - where the pianist is more interested in showing off his/her talents than getting others to sing or even concerned about what types of music they want to hear. That is certainly not the case at CSA. We loved the piano bar and hope you will give it a try...and don't miss the "Name the Tune Contest" on Thursdays 9-11 PM.

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    Ultimate is the best! A true gentleman and great entertainer.

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    A picture of me and a microphone. Wow, first time I ever saw myself in someones pictures. I wonder which song I am singing. probably It's a Wonderful World. Loved the piano bar here, but not quite as much as the one at Couples Negril, it is a little more intimate. Paul the piano player at CN taught Ultimate I found out after talking to Ultimate at length and you are right he is a true gentleman and a fantastic entertainer. Will be back next year.

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    Wow great pictures of Ulti and singers at the piano! We'll be back again in less than 4 weeks to enjoy a few evenings at the piano with the group. This will be our third trip to CSA and I'm sure Ulti will have my wife sing Happy 60th Birthday to me with her best Marilyn Monroe impression. It can sure get crowded around the piano as you can see in our picture. Ulti is a class act and met us in the lobby the day we were leaving to say goodbye. It's always bitter sweet that day, but seeing Ulti one last time made it extra special.
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    We loved the Piano bar while we were there in September too!
    I wish they allowed MORE TIME for him at the resort, everyone enjoys it and is sad when he ends and we had to move to the lounge...

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