We are so unhappy. We booked CSA with our travel agent (she is great) and we booked our flights separately with Spirit Air. NEVER AGAIN....they are the worst. We have had our flight reservations since April 2012 and were supposed to leave on November 1 and stay till November 10. About two months ago I received an email from Spirit stating that all flights were being cancelled for Novebmer 1. No reason, just cancelled. We could rebook for another day if we wanted to.

I contacted my travel agent and asked if we could cancel for the 1st and reschedule for the 2nd through the 10th and she said yes. OK, we can live with one less day (NOT). Everything seems to be going along fine and we leave from Myrtle Beach, SC at 8am on November 2 and fly into Fort Lauderdale for a layover. While sitting in the airport I receive an email from Spirit saying our flight from Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay has been cancelled!!!!!! WTF are you kidding me???

So now we have two choices and keep in mind we've already lost a day of sunshine (and resorts fees). We can stay over night in Florida and hopefully fly out on the 3rd or just give it up and go home. Which would mean we lost another day and a half.

Spirit has absolutely no customer service skills, there were hundreds of people in line waiting to rebook, because our flight was not the only one cancelled, and they had TWO reps to handle all of us. That is just crazy. NEVER AGAIN....I will never fly this horrible airline again. I know other airlines have issues but this airline is by far, the worst I have ever encountered.
And I know there are far worse things that could happen in life (SuperStorm Sandy) but we still had a planned vacation and the stupid airline screwed it up.

So here I sit at home in South Carolina trying to stay warm and pretend we are at Swept Away......so far it's not working.