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    Default What a memorable week!

    We were at CN when Hurricane Sandy hit. Our first full day we started hearing rumblings about a tropical system developing. Soon the news started talking about 60 to 80 mile per hour wind gusts and 10 inches of rain! We couldn't believe what we were hearing! This was our 5th time to Jamaica and we were accompanied by my husband's sister and her husband.This was their first visit as well as their first time out of the country. We live in the states. We received a phone call from our travel agent confirming the impending storm. We weighed our options and after talking with the staff we decided to stick it out. After all, you are in Jamaica," no worries mon"! We started to get apprehensive when we saw the beach completely cleared and all of the chairs tied down and secured to the trees. The wind started picking up and our beautiful calm Bloody Bay started getting very choppy. We had a dinner planned for the 4 of us in the tree house the night before the hurricane hit and thankfully that went off without a hitch! Thank you Fitzroy! That was the last thing we were able to do the whole week however which was incredibly dissapointing! Especially since it was my sister and brother-in-laws first time there. Thankfully for us, CN was on the west coast and therefore to the left of the storm and while we received some pretty nasty wind gusts and rain, there was no damage. Unfortunately the same could not be said for other areas of Jamaica and we heard of a lot of devestation and loss. Very sad! The days following the hurricane the wind would not let up and two days after the storm had passed the wind was so bad we couldn't even be on the beach because the sand was pelting us. Bloody Bay looked like the Atlantic Ocean during a storm with 4 to 5 foot waves and breakers as far as you could see! The employees we talked to said they had NEVER seen the bay that way! It calmed down a bit on Sat. But there were still waves so floaties were out! What a bummer! That is our favorite part of being on Bloody Bay...the floaties! We only got to use them our first two days there. The red flag was out from the day the hurricane hit, which was Wed., until our last full day there, which was Sat. No water activities, no hobie cats, no Catamaran Cruise, no snorkeling or glass botoom boat ride. Even the shuttle to Margaritaville was cancelled. So unfortunately, my in laws didn't get the whole " Couples" experience. The food was still top notch as was the staff! They did what they could to keep the guests content. The weather was out of their hands!What a bunch of hard workers the staff are! They had everything cleaned up so quickly the day after the hurricane. They tried the best they could to keep up with clearing the seaweed, but that was next to impossible! They had to bring in front end loaders to scoop it up. The resort aside of Couples had mountains of it! I must say we did have fun on the day of the hurricane learning some dance moves from Janelle and Amanda at the pool bar!! Then came the news that we were going to get clobbered by the same hurricane once we got back home to Pa! This was just too unreal! We were hoping for a flight cancellation so we could stay at CN and make up for lost time! NOT! We endured a very scary flight home,( they wouldn't even let us get up to go to the bathroom during the last hour of the flight) and then a stressful ride home from the airport! Once home, we were hurricane proofing our house in the dark until late at night. Bring on Sandy...part two! My sister and brother-in-law loved the bit of Couples they got to experience and hope to return again soon, as do we. We still desire that "ahhh" feeling you have after a week at CN. Unfortunately we came home without it courtesy of mother nature.

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    JUH - I love your reaction to those things out of your control. It sounds like you made the most of your Couples experience. I wish you all the best when you once again hear "Welcome home."

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