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    Default Romance rewards sparkling wine

    Is the bottle of wine that you can order as a Romance Reward at the top level the same one that you can order in the mini bar in the room? If so I would rather get something else.

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    Exact same. We always get the oil and candle. It comes in a cute coconut bowl and I collect them. Last time the bowl was a turtle, but it has been other shapes, too. The tee shirts are different. Very, very thin material. and the ladies are "ladies cut".

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    Whilst I don't actually know what the sparkling wine is that they give for the RR, I'd definitely suggest going for something that a) you can't just get at the bar and b) that you can take home to make you smile and remember Couples. We always choose the T shirts for this reason.

    If we want sparkling wine we'll just ask for a bottle :-)
    Have a fab vacation!

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    Our candle was in a regular container, just like ones you can buy at the gift shop. It smells nice and does remind us of our trip. We didn't get the wine as you have a mini bar and can get the wine in the bar.

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    Thank you for clarifying this for me. I thought that it might be the same but thought that the Romance Rewards wine would be worth something better !!

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    The sparkling wine is the same, not an upgrade. At CSS, the candles come in a nice sized tin, so I can take them home. Each time I light them, it takes me back home! :-)

    One Love!

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    what do you mean by ladies' cut on the T-shirt

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    Same one. When we realized that last year, they let us switch out the sparkling wine for the t-shirts, which was cool, because they were nicer than the year before.

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    Coconut bowl?? What coconut bowl? lol We only got the oil and candles once and the oil was in a small bottle and the candle was in a tin! I want a coconut bowl! Thanks for the info on the sparkling wine...I was wondering about that too.

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    By ladies cut, I mean cut in at the waist and a v neck and short fitted sleeves. Yes, we have always gotten our candle/oil in a half coconut bowl at CN. They are really nice. Maybe they aren't at other resorts? Size of a cereal bowl. I just loved the turtle one.

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    We did get the coconut bowl one year and thought it was nice. I have received the tshirts as I really like them. I did get the ladies cut and as I went and exchanged it at the concierge desk. I had to chuckle our first year in Negril and we went to Rick's cafe and I got talked into ( ok, it didn't take much arm twisting) a beer drinking contest. We had to slam 3 red stripes that were poured into a plastic cup shaped like a womans body (I still have it)! Anyway my prize was a tshirt that was about a size 2. I also don't remember much of the cab ride home! Lol, great memories of our first trip to Jamaica and I owe my friend forever for getting married on the beach at the B resort ,next door to csa, little did we know at the time.

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