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    Default Pre Check in Question

    What is the earliest you can do a pre check in before your stay. We are doing a 7/7 split and would like to pre check in before we leave home for both weeks. I want to make sure I don't do it too early.

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    I've been checked in for like 4 months You can do it as early as you like.

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    We did a 5/7 split with CN/CSA this past August. I beleive you can do it about 2 weeks in advance.

    Both resorts had our repeaters rewards ready. CN had our mini-bar requests correct in the room when we arrived but CSA did not. In fact CSA could not get the mini-bar requests correct the entire 7 nights we were there.

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    I usually do our pre-check in about a month in advance.

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    Thanks for the information.

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    I just pre registered and we aren't arriving for 154 days.

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    We are arriving for our first trip to CTI on Monday. How do you pre-register?

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    Found it.

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    As first timers at Couples, what do you mean by Pre Check in? Would love to know. xx

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