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    I always thought it would be neat if there was a way for departing guests to hook up with recent arrivals to unload things. I'm thinking of things like sun screen...leave that behind and perhaps avoid checking a bag. I can think of a few things I would prefer giving to someone who could use rather than throwing stuff away.

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    I love this idea! I usually try to give away goodies like the rest of the package of bendy straws and extra sunscreen to people we meet. Even a table in an out-of-the-way area where things could be left/taken would work. Anybody else?

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    I leave things with a note for housekeeping. Something like "We don't have room. Hope you or a friend can use this." One year, my hubby had a pair of sandals he wore once and didn't like, so we left them on the dresser with a note.

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    We give stuff away every time we leave. It's pretty easy to spot the new arrivals. I always hit em up to unload anything I don't want to lug home.

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    We also left a note for housekeeping to please use or give to a friend. Good to know someone else does this also.

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