This year, we have decided to do a split stay, so we are going to CSS for 5 days for Christmas, then transfering over to beautiful CSA for 7 days over New Year's. I sent a rates request to both TimAir and AirLink and I just got a quote of 734$ - 868$ from Ocho to Negril. Really??? Last year we flew from Negril to MBay and the cost was way cheaper, by more than half. I do understand the Negril-MBay is a shorter flight, however I find this quite high.... I can fly from T.O to MBay for that price! Anybody else have experienced theses high charter prices? I don't think I can justify paying that much to save a few hours, but TH is against the 3 hours driving time from one resort to the other. For anybody who have done the transfer, is the ride really long, or do they stop along the way to get some Red Stripe to make the drive go faster??? I am even considering changing our split from CSS to CN, to avoid the long transfer ride...Need some opinions from experienced travelers please!! We have only visited CSA, so want to visit a different resort before heading back to CSA.