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    Default au naturel beaches

    we are staing at Couple Swept away and i realize there are no au naturel beaches at this resort. Can we howeveruse the other Couples hotels for this - or are there any other beaches we can access form this hotel?

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    The only other Couples hotel is Negril which does have AN. You can do a trading day to Negril. Check with the front desk as they only offer that on certain days.

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    Hi archie,
    If you signed up for Romance Rewards you can use your Trading Places perk and spend the day at Couples Negril on its AN beach.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    You can use your Trading Day with CN and enjoy their AN beach -- while not the ideal, it is at least an option for one day. Even if not on the beach, would love to see CSA provide an area for AN sunning -- even if across the street in the sports complex area.

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    I agree, would love to see CSA have an area. It seems so natural to be naked while here yet CSA is the only resort that doesn't have an area

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