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    can anyone let us know if we can get a canadian football league game on tv at couples negril? my wife and i will be there nov 9 to 19 and there is a game on nov 11 we would love to see. thanks Jen and Kerry

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    Unfortunately, no! My husband hasn't seen a Grey Cup game in 10 years because we're on a beach then! Not really complaining though. One year he went up to the internet room, went on the TSN (or was it CBC) site and had to settle for watching it live streaming but only in the upper corner of the page...not very satisfying and he didn't watch for too long. This year, because we have to fly through Toronto, we're staying with his brother for four days and actually going to the Grey Cup game!!! Then we leave from there for two weeks in Negril. Pretty good start to our vacation in my hubby's eyes!!

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    We will be at CN from the 13th through to the 27th. Would really like to be able to watch the Western final (go Stamps!!!) and the Grey Cup (again, go Stamps!!!). I know that there is a tv in the games room and I read on that the Grey Cup is being televised through perhaps we will get to see it??

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