Customs declarations:

Ok I have never really received good info on this. My wife and I have come to Jamaica several times. We generally bring a few snack items such as candy and jerky for our trip there and back again. We also bring donations for the school and small gifts for the staff. Each time we have been told to declare nothing. However, the form asks if we are bringing in food, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals. While a small bag of pretzels/chips, candy, or jerky doesn’t feed much it is food. We also bring standard over the counter pharmaceuticals such as Tylenol, Benadryl, and cold meds which would seem to count as pharmaceuticals. We also bring sunscreen, makeup, and toiletries which are chemicals.

It seems unless you’re naked and have no luggage you need to declare something. However, 99% of people have “nothing to declare”. What is the point of asking if you have stuff if everyone declares “nothing to declare”? Are the Customs rules up for personal interpretations?

Has anyone declared? What did you tell them you had? What did they take from you, charge you, or do to you?