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    Default Part II of our photos of Couples Swept Away

    A few more photos from our visit to Couples Swept Away - Part II - Couples Swept Away Jamaica - a set on Flickr

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    Sorry, would love to see them, but where are they?

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    Beautiful pictures! I will be there on Monday and can't wait!

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    I found them. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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    If you just click on the second part of the sentence beginning with Part II - Couples Swept Away, you will be redirected to the site.
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    gorgeous! thanks for sharing...we missed cn this past august due to me being in the hospital...booo

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    We were originally scheduled to go to Couples just as Hurricane Issac was approaching; so we postponed our trip until now and couldn't believe it when Sandy popped up out of nowhere. This time we were lucky and it went through Jamaica several days before our arrival. In any case I was determined to take my vacation now and am so glad that we did. Couples (all four of them) provide the perfect blend of activities and relaxation. I can't think of a better vacation.

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