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    Hello all,

    DH and I will be visiting Couples for the 3rd time at the end of this month, our first time at CTI. I'll be 19 weeks pregnant, and was wondering what recommendations you all had for virgin drinks and smoothies! Food recs wouldn't hurt either (BTW I did know I was pregnant when I booked this trip, but when we saw a great deal come up at Couples, why would we want to go anywhere else??)

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    I'll be 32 weeks at cti nov 19-26. Will our paths cross? Virgin bloody Caesars are awesome there!

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    The Health Bar at CTI will be AMAZING for you! The hummus is WONDERFUL! Lots of fresh coconut water. Might want to check with your dr on that just as a precaution.

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    I'll be 21 weeks preganat at CSA this December... and the only thing I have to recommend is that you drink loads of water, put on extra extra sunblock given our hormones, and... boo, no prenatal massages are offered at all at Couples. Maybe if enough women ask for them, they will one day change their minds.

    Enjoy the endless amounts of amazing food and sunshine! And congats on your pregnancy!

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    As babymoons rise in popularity, I imagine couples will soon realize the opportunity and begin catering to them. Massages, romance packages, etc.
    Either way, 12 days until my hubby and I create our own!

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