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    Default Romance Rewrads Programme

    So we are off to CSS for the first time in June 13 for our 1st anniversary...we cant wait!!

    As per advise on these boards I have just signed myself up to the romance rewards programme.

    Does this mean I get the relevant rewards the second time I visit, or even on our first visit? As we are going for 14 nights, which makes us 'Renewed love' level membership, surely we dont get this just for signing up?? As if so the resort just got even more awesome!!!!

    Also does hubby sign up too for same benefits or are they 'per couple'??

    I cant wait to come over to jamaica!!!

    233days and counting!

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    You would be eligible for Trading Places on your first visit, all other rewards are for your second visit.

    If you are doing a split stay since you are going for 14 nights then your second part of your visit would be considered your second visit. Remember that your accumulated nights do expire after 4 years.

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    That's a common question. The points for the current stay don't show up until after you complete your stay. However, you can use the Trading Places day to CTI, as long as you get signed up and do the Pre-Check-in before you arrive. The benefits are per couple. Everything with Romance Rewards is set up for couples.

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    You are going to just love CSS -- one of our favorite. No, you don't need to sign up separately. On your first visit you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Trading Places day, which we would encourage you to take advantage of -- even though we have been many time to all of the Couples resorts, we still take advantage of the Trading Places day. And yes as noted above in a previous post, your nights only accumulate for 4 years -- that's the only and biggest negative aspect of the Romance Rewards program.

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    Hi, Your new membership will also allow you to do a "pre check-in" a few weeks before you go. You'll be able to request what your initial mini-bar stock will contain (in addition to the standard items). Although to be honest, when we went to CSA last year, the requested items weren't there when we arrived in our room. Not a big deal though, for us anyway. I actually think the biggest advantage of pre check-in is feeling like you're making some progress towards your holiday!! Plus it ensures the resort has your RR number on file. (Do confirm at check-in though.)

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    Thanks for all the answers...

    We are doing all 14 nights at CSS, and will probably do the exchange day to see another resort (is there a choice?)

    The rewards scheme is a great idea but dont know how much benefit we will get when returning, as although the place sounds absolutely amazing, coming from the UK, this is costing us a small fortune!

    Its very much a "once in a lifetime" holiday (got married in greece in june, and coming for our 1st anniversary, its costing more than our holiday and wedding package!!) and sadly dont think we will be able to return, at least not regulary!!

    BTW we have done the precheckin already!!!

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