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    Default 9th trip booked..trying CSA this time

    We have been to CN 6 times, CTI twice...and have just booked CSA for May. Can't wait!!

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    We have also done CN & CTI and just did a CN/CSA split. Looking forward to hearing what you think of CSA since you apparently love CN!

    When are you going?

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    You sound just like us. Last week was our 9th trip with the last 5 being at CN and our other trips had been to CTI. We also decided to tryCSA for the first time last week. We had a really good time however I think I still prefer CN but we would go back to CSA too for a change. Have a great time.

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    I have been to CTI, CN, and am currently at CSA for the second time. While I love all three, there is a difference between them. You will have to make up your mind. For me the biggest difference is the participation in the sports activities. For that I would rate CTI -1 , CN, a close second, and CSA a distant 3rd. Of course the beaches at CN and CSA are far superior to the one at CTI. As for the food, I would probably rate CSA - 1, CN -2 and CTI - 3, but all three are superior to anything I have had at the other all-inclusive resorts.

    if you are interested, I am posting photos currently of CSA. You can check them out on the forum on a separate thread.


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    We did CN our first 6 certified to scuba dive there and just loved the dive shop guys. The next trip we went with hubby's sister and did the secret rendezvous and got CTI. Just hubby and I went this last April and did the secret rendezvous and got CTI again and LOVED it. This time we booked thru the current special and saved more money than the past two CSR trips. We are going the first week of May

    We liked the central layout of CN and know that CSA is the opposite. Hubby's sister/hubby have been to CN also and the 4 of us agree that we thought the food was better at can't compare the beaches, that just isn't fair...hence why we are back to Negril. Can't wait for the sunsets on 7 mile beach!

    Curious as to what sports activities you are referring too--I would assume with the sports complex that CSA would have been #1. Not a big deal--we bring our workout discs with us and at CTI used the yoga room everyday to workout.

    Definitely gonna check out the photos of CSA...have to search for the thread. Thanks!

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