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    Default CSA Fitness Facility Question

    Hey everyone!

    Me and my partner are heading on our first vacation in over 3 years; our first all-inclusive ever, going to CSA from November 18-28!!! I had a question about the Fitness Facility, which I hear so many good things about! Do they have exercise/stability balls? Also, do I need to bring my own yoga/exercise mat?

    Any help is really appreciated! Thanks so much! For those that will be there at the same time, see you soon!

    Kev & Chris

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    Not sure about the balance balls, but they do have mats. You may wish to bring your own mat cover if you like to use that sort of thing. Have a lovely time!

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    They do indeed have stability balls and mats. However, if you have your own yoga mat that rolls up, you might want to bring it with you in case you want to do yoga on the beach in the morning - very peaceful!

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    Their fitness facility is remarkably well furnished with virtually everything you'd find at a nice gym in the US. When we were there a year ago, a lot of the machines looked pretty new!

    The only thing you'll want to remember is that a majority of the gym (cardio machines, weights) is outside, so you'll probably want to time your workout accordingly (although there are air conditioned squash courts and an air conditioned aerobics/spinning studio).

    We love the CSA gym! It helps to make those extra drinkies (or creme brle) more "affordable...."

    Have a great time!!!!

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    No need to bring your own yoga mats. We just did Yoga on the beach and just used the floaty cushions from the beach chairs

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    Yes, they do, and I took one into the air conditioned aerobics studio and did my abs there. I had to work out by 7 each morning, otherwise the gym got too hot... It is exceptionally well equipped, and they free personal training, too!!!

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