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    Default When do you sign up for the minibar?

    Mini bar requests are new to us. It has been 5 years since we were at CSS. 7 years since CN. Mini bar requests are new, so when are we requested/allowed to sign up for our favorite beverage in the fridge?

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    It's a set list of items that you can pre-order from on the Pre-check In link on the Romance Rewards page. Once there, you have a card in your room that you fill out and leave everyday from which they stock you up.
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    We just got back from CSS a month ago and the mini bar system has changed. I also did the the pre check in but our bar was not stocked when we arrived. They put some standard things in like water carib beer juice and pop. The new system is on demand. There will be a list on the mini bar to choose from and you just call room service with what you want and they deliver it right away. You have to be in your room to get your order, but the two times we ordered, it took no more than 7 or 8 minutes. They have 5 designated staff for this. Seems to be a better system because last year we would fill out the card and sometimes your request was not filled until quite later. The new way you get your order right away.

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    At CN the mini bar is also "on demand" so to speak. Call the front desk and ask for mini bar. They will connect you, you place your order andit was consistently delivered within about 10 minutes.... very easy

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