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    Default San Souci vs Swept Away - plus Qs about CSS

    We are Swept Away loyalists but are now considering a trip to San Souci. We're very active & fit so don't mind the steps, but I'm concerned about swimming & gym facilities. How do they compare with SA? I know SS doesn't have a large swimming pool, but is the beach at SS good for long swims? (I do most of my swimming at SA in the ocean.) Will my husband, a gym junkie, be happy with the equipment at SS?

    How does the food compare? I'm mostly vegetarian but eat fish & eggs. We like Jamaican food and love the buffets at Swept Away.

    Also, which rooms are most convenient to the beach, which are most spacious, and which have best views? I'd also like to hear comments from anyone who has stayed in the Hibiscus Cottage.

    Thanks for your help.

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    We had stayed at CSA several times and decided to try CSS this past January. We love them both.

    We, too, are fitness junkies. We absolutely must workout every morning. Bob is a runner, I like weights and aerobic equipment and we both like to swim.

    There is much more aerobic equipment at CSA. There was only 1 eliptical at CSS, and quite frankly, there were some heated discussions on several morning at the gym at CSS about people taking too long on the eliptical. I did like that the gym at CSS was air conditioned, and the view was spectacular compared to the gym at CSA. I missed using the lap pool at CSA after our workout (we shower in the locker room, swim some laps, then relax in the jacuzzi - pure heaven).

    It would be hard to ocean swim at CSS like you can at CSA. The cove is fairly small, and you can't venture too far outside of the ropes, as there is a narrow area where the snorkeling boat and sail boats can enter the cove because of the reef.

    We thought the food was slightly better at CSS than CSA. Maybe just because there isn't a real Italian and French option at CSA. We also loved the ambience at Casanova (dining open air on the terrace) vs. Feathers. However, there is not a dinner buffet option at CSS except for the nights of the Starlight Gala and the beach party.

    As far as which rooms are closest to the beach, that would be the A and B blocks, the beachfront jacuzzi rooms (I believe they have a different name now). We had one of these rooms. While the room itself is more upscale than the beachfront rooms at CSA, they are much further back from the beach. Also, the balcony is smaller in this category than the beachfront rooms at CSA.

    Good luck making your decision. It's a tough one!

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    Hey KeyGal,

    Maybe we could swap info. We've been to CSS 2 times and will be going to both CSA and CSS in April.

    The pool isn't huge but the ocean is swimable...not that I've tried it. I have seen people swimming "laps" along the beach in the mornign while we were there. The gym is well maintained and faces the ocean. We are more group workout junkies and really enjoyed those classes in the open-air pavillion, above the gym, overlooking the ocean with mirrors on the non-ocean side so everywhere you looked during the workout you could see the ocean while enjoying the breeze.

    Not being a vegetarian I'm not sure, but the buffets are great! There was usually salmon and eggs available for breakfast and always a good salad bar during lunch.

    Rooms most convenient to the beach are the Beachfront Jaccuzzi Suite found in blocks A and B. We've stayed in block G each time we've been there. While further from the beach, requiring more walking/stairs, it has a great view (you can enjoy the sunset right from your balcony).

    We'll be staying in a Beachfront Suite at CSA. Any recommendations for which area to ask for? Any gotta see's/gotta do's on/of the resort? If you want to exchange info on the side you can reach us at ecsimson at yahoo.

    You're welcome and look to hear from you,

    Bart & Bug

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