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    Default CSA martini bar menu

    Can anyone post the drink menu from CSA's martini bar? Also, please let me know your favorites!

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    The drink menu is huge. Its several pages of drinks and what's in them.. So far my favorits are: the chocolate, black berry, lemon drop, and the watermelon.

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    Not sure of the menu...but I loved the lemon drop...not too sweet, but just enough. Oh and the awsome bartenders remember your favorite so they top up regularly with u having to ask...Can't wait to have one...52 days to go!

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    Ask about the goat-balls martini.

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    Hahah!! We had the " goat balls" martini!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtleg View Post
    Ask about the goat-balls martini.
    Ewww!!! Lol

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