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    Default Honeymoon at CSA 10-21 through 10-28

    With this being my first time at an all inclusive resort all I can say is wow. CSA staff was fantastic and my new wife and I loved every minute of each day that we got to spend in paradise. I will keep this review short and sweet because i could ramble on for days about everything and all of the staff.

    The Palms food and staff were fantastic! Chefs Rose and Andre were fantastic chefs. Servers Deloris and Kemoy were also great and helped make our very last night at CSA a pleasure by turning our we are leaving tomorrow frowns upside down. Devane the trainee at the palms was on top of his game every time we were seated in his section for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. He always made sure our drinks were full and even knew what we wanted drink wise every time we sat down.

    The beach was amazing even with the hurricane and high tide and washed up mounds of seaweed.

    Got to experience the nurse and the doctor after stepping on a sea urchin, they were quick and had good bedside manor even during the very painful and local anesthetic free removal of the barbs.

    Got to spend plenty of time at the pool bar with the hurricane and the beach closure due to the high surf and undertows- Luchien was a great bartender that made the time there lots of fun along with the other bartenders.

    Atrium suite is well worth it. Loved the hammock and no TV. Also loved the three cats that came to see us every day on our porch even without us giving them any food.

    Even with the limited activities during the hurricane and staff worried about friends and family they still were fantastic with everyone at the resort and kept up the smiles and good attitudes.

    Situation mon- I wish the pool bar would stay open later. It would have been nice to enjoy a few drinks in the pool bar even after dark.

    CSA with everything that you gave my wife and I during our honeymoon you have probably helped me convince the wife that we need to go back every year not just every couple of years like she would originally say. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon perfect.

    Final thought, I never thought i would say this in my life being from upstate NY, but i survived the same hurricane twice and it was no problem 'mon

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    So glad you liked CSA and had such a good time. I wish we could go every year, but we go about every other year. Thanks for posting such a great review.

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    Kremit - thanks for taking the time to post a fun review. Since I've seen others ask why the the swimup bar is not open later, I wanted to respond to your comment. I never would have figured this out had we not been upgraded to a Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite room last year when our room category was booked. The GHJS rooms (there are four of them) are THE most expensive rooms on the property. When you sit on your balcony in those rooms, you are directly above the pool bar, and the noise from the pool bar can be very loud - music and sometimes very, very drunk people (especially later in the afternoon). If the swim-up bar had been open after dark, we never would've been able to enjoy our balcony. The noise was simply that loud, obnoxious and intrusive. I have seen a similar situation at other resorts. If there are rooms located in close proximity to a swim up bar, that bar will close at dusk to allow the nearby room occupants some peace and quiet.

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    You could always get a drink in Patois and take it down to swim up pool. Less convienent but it is only steps away.

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    I'm glad to see you guys survived Sandy twice. I live in South Jersey and have a shore house in North Wildwood. We were very lucky. If you enjoyed CSA during a hurricane then you guys will love it when everything is open. Also, my hubby and I try to go every year bc you just need a break from the day to day. We just got married there on 2/10/12 and we will be back 12/19, cant wait!!!!

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    Bob and Judy,

    Thanks for the reply I never really thought of the side you are looking at it from. so that does make a good point.

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    Where did you step on a sea urchin??

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    in the water off the beach. It was the day after the hurricane hit jamaica and the waves were higher than normal sunny beautiful day though. It must have been washed in off of the reef with the higher surf.

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