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    Default Transfer fee question?

    Hi there!
    We are booking our honeymoon and are confused about different things stated.

    On the inclusion and FAQ sections of the site, it states "TRANSPORTATION TAKEN CARE OF Upon arrival to Montego Bay Airport, please proceed to the Couples Resort Lounge, conveniently located outside the Immigration and Customs area. Your complimentary shuttle from Montego Bay (Sangster International) airport has been arranged."

    And also "Round trip transfer to and from Montego Bay airport with exclusive access to Couples airport arrival lounge $100"

    However when booking the trip, there are two options:
    "Flight Transfer to the Airport
    One way flight for 2. Negril to Montego Bay. 102 usd per person. Airlink International." and
    "Flight Transfer to the Hotel
    One way flight for 2. Montego Bay to Negril. 102 usd per person. Airlink International."

    Could someone please either explain what the difference between these two things? I am clearly not understanding and I would REALLY like to book this while this very nice promotion is going on.

    Thank you!

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    Looks like you are planning to fly from Montego Bay to Negril instead of taking the Couples Shuttle, which is included in your price when you book the resort. So shown above are the costs for 2 for each flight, one from Montego bay to Negril which you would take when you arrive, and one from negril back to Montego Bay when you are leaving.

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    The bus transfer is free, besides a tip for the driver if you're so inclined. Ther is the puddle jumper service to Negril for a charge, Tim air or International airlink I think they are called. If it's your first time, take the free shuttle. It's a chance to see the sites . We really enjoy the bus ride.

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    Aha, so that is an additional perk, we'll be able to get to the resort without this. Thank you both SO much for clarifying!

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    Arilink and TimAir are Air Taxis

    TimAir uses single engine Cessna's to fly you from Montego Bay to Negril, a 15 minute flight.

    They do not fly at night because the airstrip in Negril is just a paved strip w/o lights and then you have to use an auto taxi to get to the resort which is only $5

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    I should clarify, the shuttle isn't free, it's included in the price you paid already. The bus ride on average to Negril is 1 1/4 hour or so. We tip usually 20.00 for the both of us. Some people do less, some tip nothing. I believe in tipping the drivers. Have a great trip!

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