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Thread: Hair dryers??

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    Default Hair dryers??

    Heading to CSS in 9 days (!!). Wondering if there are hair dryers in the rooms? Don't want to schlep one all the way there if I don't need to!


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    Yes there are hairdryers in the room.

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    Yes - wall mounted ones. BTW - I'm jealous - I have 93 days to CSS.

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    They do have them. Not sure about the type at CSS. At CSA they have the tiny wall mount ones. I bring my own travel sized one from BrookStone. I prefer to dry my hair outside of the bathroom gets steamy in there!

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    They do have hairdryers in the rooms, but they are not real powerful. I do OK with them though.

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    They do have them and Mrs. Tallman uses the one at the resort rather than schlepping one down...

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    Yes there is a hair dryer. Ihave naturally curly hair so I bring my own. The diffuser doesn't work on the one in the hotel.

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