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    Default Four weddings prize

    TO my wonderful surprize, I was watching an episode of Four Weddings and CTI was the prize vacation. Well it definitely is.......

    I remember when I only used to dream on going on trips on those types of shows. Now I know the true beauty of Couples, at least CTI and I hope to come back again and again for the beautiful resort, outstanding staff, and well just home I felt in Jamaica and at Couples. \

    Thank you again Couples for providing a truly magical vacation.

    It was a perfect place to become engaged.

    Couples is the most romantic place I have ever been, it is just romance is around every corner and in every outing or event.

    Must do's
    1) Private Island Dinner,
    2) Cat Cruise,
    3) Eight Rivers beautiful dinner (and if you are in the July thru March - friday get lobster night.)

    My gratitude always to CTI.

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    WOW! And to think we have been there done that!!

    CTI is truly a treat and a prize to be extremely happy about!!

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    I saw that too! I love that show.

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