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    Default Anyone ever go through customs late at night?

    For our next trip to JA (in only 45 days -- instead of the 234 that we originally had planned - yeehaw) we are going to be arriving in MBJ at about 8:45 at night.

    Anyone ever get there that late? Will the Couples lounge still be open? Can I still get my Red Stripe for the road? What are the odds that we'll have any other couples driving with us? (We're going to CTI...)

    You'd think by now that I would have exhausted all my Couples questions, this being our 6th trip and all.. but gosh, darn it, they just keep cropping up.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Not a problem at all. Customs is a breeze and the Couples lounge will be open and waiting for you, Red Stripe and all!!! You may have the bus all to yourself though.

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    Couples will still be there to take you to the resort. Just make sure they have your flight number and arrival times. You can do this by precheck-in on the Romance Rewards page and by sending them an email on the contact us page. The odds of having other Couples with you is lower than arriving at noon. It depends on how many couples on your plane are going to CTI or CSS.

    Enjoy CTI, we did.
    Irie Mon

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    We were supposed to arrive at around 8:00, got in around 11:00 due to delays. . . breezed through customs, had our Red Stripes, talked to another couple for about 25 minutes, and were on our way to CSS. No problem, mon . . .

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