Just back from CN. We are Passionate rewards members with 5 stays at CN.
I hope the moderator allows this to be published because I feel we should share the bad as well as the good. As my title says I feel CN has gone from a GREAT vaction to only a good vacation. I'll post a couple of times so it won't be too long of a post.
The biggest disappointment was the new mini-bar procedure. You call down for what you want & then you wait....and wait ...and wait.
We went from Friday until Monday with no mini-bar supplies because I refused to wait more than an hour each time I called. I waited an hour and then went to do my thing. I'll be darned if I'll spend my vacation waiting in my room. Also along these lines they have done away with a large list of top shelf liquor. No Grand Manier. No Tia Maria. No Absolute vodka. The only one that affected us was the Grand Manier since my wife likes a splash on top of her Margarita but other people were complaining.
In addition to this waiting I was forced to spend the first 3+ hours in my room trying to get our in room safe fixed.
Don't get me wrong....it was still a good vacation but with enough problems & changes to make me think seriously about trying another A/I resort in Jamaica.
I will post some others problems & concerns later