Hi all,
I warned yall I'd be back with more questions and here they are lol. First menus, since the fiance and I are blind and can't read mornal menus do they have the menus for the various restaurants online or would I be able to ask someone on staff to go over the menus with us? Next the buffet. I know lunch is eather beach grill or buffet and I was planning to stay away from it since I have no idea how to navigate it on my own but then I read a post about the desserts and well now I want my mid day sweet fix while I'm there. Again would it be to much to ask someone to walk us through the vuffet? I don't want to hold up service for everyone else or anything so I'm trying to get it all sorted way ahead of time. In terms of the red flag service on the beach I have 2 questions, first are the flags on the chairs somewhere or do you get them at the bar or what? Next will they bring you munchies from the grill as well as drinks? On to the rooms: when is turn down service normally? I ask so we can be out of the room at the time and therefore out of the maids way. Also since we have a suite do they bring the hors d'oeuvres during the nightly turn down or some other time? Wedding: first it occured to me since we're going by ourselves no one is walking me down the aisle or what not so I'm wondering should I bring a fancy wedding cane lol or find someone to help me walk to where I'm supposed to be. We may have a friend or 2 joining us so that could solve that problem but want to ask just in case. Also for the wedding video does it include first dance, wedding cake cutting ect? I could leave or take pictures but a video of the wedding to show the family when we get home would be nice. Last question I promise at least for now. I want to do the cat cruise but don't really want to go swimming when we stop. Will I be the only one still on the boat or do enough people not go swimming in the caves that I won't feel like a weirdo? Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my million questions. I might be just a tad excited